Accessibility at Expo Centre Sharjah

Experience Extraordinary at Expo Centre Sharjah

From ensuring seamless operations with its dedicated team of event specialists, to providing the utmost in flexibility with the facility’s excellent infrastructure, Expo Centre Sharjah is equipped in every way to guarantee a superb experience for every organiser, exhibitor and visitor.

Expo Centre Sharjah is committed to making your visit to our venue as welcoming as possible, and as such offers a number of amenities and facilities tailored to assist those visitors with specific accessibility needs. If you would like to know more or have a specific question about our facilities, please Email Us or call us on +971-6-577 0000.

People of determination - facilities

Each level and area of the venue is accessible by ramps, lifts and escalators. These can be found at all of Expo Centre Sharjah’s entrances as well as within the venue itself.

Accessible signage and specific amenities are available on site including accessible toilets which are available across the venue.

We encourage all visitors requiring wheelchairs or other specialist equipment to make suitable arrangements for their own private supply of such requirements.

People of determination - parking bays

We have a number of dedicated parking bays for people of determination. These are all next to the escalators and entrance doors.

These can be found at:

  • Multi-storey car park A, B and C

We offer direct access to our venue for our people of determination guests, our welcoming staff will direct you to the nearest entrance, offering easy access to events.

If you are arriving by private car, you will be directed to the nearest car parking facility for people of determination.

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